Mixed Stripes

Alas, the weekend is here! Hooray! I have lots to look forward to including and most importantly, The Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!! I already have my ticket and will be seeing it tonight! May the odds be ever in your favor, indeed.

I am also having dinner with friends and am looking forward to decompressing a bit after a week filled with lots of decision making. 

In other news, I’m all about literally mixing it up for Spring. What is it about this season that just makes me want to wear EVERYTHING in my closet at once? Maybe it’s just the perfect temperature that fuels my creativity. Anyhoo – this outfit was comfy and fun and came together quickly after I woke up super late for work. What a happy accident. Now, about those pasty legs...

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!!
With the official change of the season this week I wanted to share a few things I'm already obsessing over for this Spring: wide legged silk pants, sparkly make-up bags, the color mint and these delish fig newton cookies!
Happy Thursdaaaay!!

Weekend Denim

Happy, Happy Monday!
Since I spent most ALL weekend in a construction zone, aka: our new house, I wasn’t exactly sporting rull cute attire. I did however, have a chance to snap a few quick pics Friday night before M and I met up with friends for dinner.  Tadaa!
Tomorrow is the official first day of spring, but this glorious season started weeks ago for us. Although I am a little sad we didn’t have much of a winter, I’m embracing the official turn of the season with denim dresses, patio time and big bright totes!

DIY Party

This is why I’ve been MIA, friends. Yep, I’m wearing overalls, more than I ever thought I would in this lifetime (and check out those awesome safety glasses. jealous?), using a hammer and whatever this bar thingy is called to remove baseboards, paint and all sorts of other preparatory shenanigans to get our new house move-in ready! An adventure it is, indeed.
Let’s be clear, my super handy husband and father-in-law are really doing the heavy lifting here and I’m more of the assistant. But hey, I’m assisting!  We bought this house last month and we couldn’t be more excited about the neighborhood and our super friendly and fun neighbors including my sister-in-law and her family. Block party anyone? The house has great bones but it is a little outdated (think circa 1962). So, our goals are to redo the floors, paint the walls and renovate the kitchen before we move in. From there we will continue to update bathrooms and such in phases. Translation: Lots o’ work! It will all be worth it; to have a home we made for ourselves and future family. (gulp-the baby talk from friends and fam is at an all time high right now)
As we continue to work on things these next few weeks, scenes from this movie keep flashing through my mind. Oh my, please bring wine.

Fun Facts Friday

 Fun Facts:

-I’m that person who constantly talks about her dog. He’s a yorkie and his name is Cullen. Here he is soaking up the sun and trying to take a snoozy.

-I was a television news reporter.
-One of my favorite indulgences is lying in bed ALL day and watching Harry Potter movies.
-I grew up in Germany.
-My husband is my best friend.
-I have terrible road rage and am convinced I’m the only person who knows how to drive around here.
-I make it a point not to text and drive.
-Patience, I have to work on it every single day.
-I have the best group of girlfriends on the planet.
-When I was a freshman in high school I thought I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Then I realized I have horrible motion sickness, am blind and have no math skills. That’s what happens when you grow up watching Top Gun over and over again.
-I don’t own a pair of sweat pants and am a little judgmental when people wear them in public.
-I actually don’t know the real color of my hair.

Seeing Green

Happy Thursday, friends! These green jeans from F21 have been a staple in my wardrobe for months and now I want more colors! I'm ready to officially usher in Spring!


Fabulous weather = patio tiiiime! This weekend my friends and I decided to enjoy the 70 degree weather on the patio at U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest. While there, Amy Jo (check out her fantabulous blog here) busted out her fancy camera and took these fun pics of my outfit! My pennies continue to be saved. It was the perfect post race Sunday Funday.  

Marathon Weekend

I would like to give a special shout-out to myself...AND my husband and friends who ran the Little Rock Half Marathon this weekend!(in that order-haa) Really, all Marathon participants deserve a serious shout-out! This super bedazzled/disco inspired medal was my prize along with very sore legs and the satisfication of accomplishing a goal M and I set for ourselves this year.

Fave Friday

Happy, Happy Fridaaaaaay!
For realskies this has been a bear of a week, so I'm welcoming the weekend with extra hugs today.  
I thought on this Fave Friday I'd share some of my favorite beauty products that get me through those long weeks.
1. Eucerin Daily Replenishing Lotion
2. Morroccan Oil for Hair
3. Essie Nail Polish in Eternal Optimist and Bachelorette Bash
4. Bobbi Brown Eye Cream 

1. I use this lotion every single day! I have very sensitive skin and this is non-irritating and super moisterizing.
2.This Morrocccan Oil smells so amazing. I put just a dab on my hands, rub them together and work through my short locks. This stuff lasts forever too. I've had this for almost a year and it's still half full. A little goes a long way.
3. I'm completely obsessed with Essie nail polish right now and my collection is growing rapidly. Currently, these are my two favorite colors.
4. This Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream is so.good. It's very thick and full of goodness. I only use it at night because it's such a concentrated cream and I found that it looked a little too oily under make-up. Worth the extra pennies.
5. I use this skin brightening primer every day before I put on my moisterizer. I just gives me that silky, even complexion and nutrilizes some of the redness I tend to have. It also smells soooo good and has SPF which is a bonus!
6. I just bought this new lip product from the Shop MAC Collection. It's a lipgloss on crack. Fabulously rich and long lasting color. Big fan. I'll be getting more colors.